Stephan Ahearn

Born in Illinois to parents who own a French/Mexican fusion restaurant and raised in San Diego, Stephan Ahearn has been behind the bar since the day he turned 21. For the last few years Stephan has spent his evenings creating and perfecting his favorite cocktails. Stephan loves to put his own unique, modern, twist on every craft cocktail he creates while ensuring all of the fresh ingredients come through as a single unit of flavor. Through his drinks, Stephan hopes to bring Humphreys’ Backstage LIVE into the San Diego spotlight as the best place in the city to enjoy classic and modern cocktails, hand-crafted with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Outside of his time behind the bar, Stephan is pursuing his true passion – designing and building video games for Sony. He has always enjoyed the fulfillment of creating and building something from his imagination and that is why crafting cocktails is the perfect way to express his creative side while supporting his dreams.